say, that emperor has no clothes

Toronto, 2017.06.07

It's funny how everyone's going around on egg-shells pretending that we don't know that Trump's just a crook. I mean, it's very well documented and the various police and intelligence forces know all about it.

His complete unsuitability for the job he now holds and the sad ending it will come to seems also to be understood perfectly.

And yet we keep tip-toeing around.

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reader comments

Friends and I play a game called "Who Will Be the President?"... we imagine a Trump impeachment, then analyze if Pence would manage to keep himself out of the impeachment process. I lean towards Pence getting knocked out as well, which gives us.... President Ryan. The question is will Ryan himself survive? If he doesn't we get President Orin Hatch! I think the top ranks of the GOP party are corrupt as shit. Trump is the possible loose thread to unravel the entire thing.


Occasionally it gets hard to breath, I'm finding.

And interestingly, Canada's chosen to respond by allying with Europe and preparing to get closer to Asia.

Just what the hell did Trump actually say to everyone at the G7 meeting!