so it's come to this - tidying up

Toronto, 2017.06.05

At the two month mark, the job search has fallen into such a gentle rhythm that I had the time to spend the bulk of the day today doing chores. Specifically: wiping out the reams of old paper files and scraps that have been hanging around. I've scanned them all and will now shred the "sensitive" stuff, including tax returns all the way back to 1989 (I'll never know what happened to the earlier ones). At Mari's urging, I'm also packing up all of my film negatives – enough to fill four good-sized sealable boxes – and will take them to the storage shed.

All this has allowed us to make quite a bit of room in the bedroom. I'm now re-using the space so freed up for things like storing the fishing gear and other stuff that's been cluttering up the living/eating room. Mari's very pleased. I simply never had time to tackle all of that crap over the past 6-7 years.

At the same time, we're now using The Boy's room for drying clothes. We'd been using the dryer in the building's basement for drying everything, but the landlady's put a coin-operated meter on the washer and dryer. Rather than now spend $130/month partially by using the machine to dry things, we're back to hang-drying as much as possible. And it's not just the expense. Having to schedule every washing and drying load against the meter is a substantial distraction from Mari's practice and studies of Forex trading. It's easier (I say this not having done it myself this week) to hang the stuff and forget about it.

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