this is why I joined Cycle Toronto

Toronto, 2017.05.27

A five year old cyclist died this week when he fell into traffic - this is why I joined a cyclists' advocacy group. The story is here. We need to do something about the lack of safe cycling in this city.

I joined Cycle Toronto when my wife was cycling on Kingston road near our home, and was clipped by a car. The driver either failed to notice, failed to control his car, or failed to care. The rear-view mirror of the car first clipped my three year old son's hand in his seat on the back of the bike. The driver then clipped Mari's handlebar. She retained control of the bike somehow, but it could have been bad.

You can see some commentary from Jared Kolb, the Executive Director of our organization, here. Anyone interested in joining our community can do so here.

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reader comments

Sad and preventable thanks for sharing your story.

Judi-Beth Atwood

Thanks for your comments, Judi.

When I was first elected to the board of Cycle Toronto, I met someone who'd been struck by a car that turned right on that stretch of Lakeshore into a driveway or parking lot. The driver struck the cyclist, leaving her with permanent neurological damage and symptoms ranging the length of one side of her body.

There's certainly a lot more we can be doing.