catch of the year

Toronto, 2017.05.24

It is with great embarrassment that I've finally caught my first fish of the year in late May. Happily, we'll be eating like kings!

a greedy stickleback
a greedy stickleback

One happy development: I've learned to make knots that are so strong they're actually stronger than the lures I use. Twice I've got (cheap) lures caught on submersed branches. Using gloves and brute strength, I pulled on (itself immensely strong) braided line I'm using and managed in one case to tow the branch (or whatever I was hooked on). Doing so dislodged the thing from the lake bed to the point that a big gas bubble came up. When the thing suddenly snapped, it turned out that it was the lure that broke, not the knot failing.

The knots I use: trilene for mono and fluoro lines; surgeon's knots for putting together unlike types of line; and the mighty palomar for braided line.

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