blowing it with your kids

Toronto, 2017.05.22

I take my son fishing in order to spend quality time with him, but always seem to end up losing my temper. Fishing in Toronto is a bit of a fool's errand to start with. But this year in particular, the water level is way up, and as odd as this may sound, the behavior of the lake has changed. It's more turbulent, now, and the sheltered areas where we fish are being flushed with cold water. Also, the resulting erosion is making the water cloudy.

But as much as anything, we fish for practice toward the rare times when we can get away to places where the fishing is better. And it's for that reason that I'll spend time preparing different rigs or buying some new type of lure.

And that's where the problems arise. Twice in the past week, for instance, The Boy has somehow managed to get a) an expensive lure he just had to have and b) my hand-built walleye rig snagged in the same rocks.

I realize he's only nine. I wish I were a man of more patience.

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reader comments

If it's any consolation (or not), I still feel the same way.


You are a fine mother.

The Boy told me tonight I'm a good dad.