another fine sinus infection

Toronto, 2017.05.19

I don't understand how I keep getting sinus infections - Spring has been here for a while! Post-nasal drip has me coughing all night, I sound like I've been dead and raised by some necromancer. Raspily chanting, "braaaains" as I stumble through the day.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. I reached out to the sister of my recently deceased friend. Happily, she remembered our meeting once in 2003!
  2. Earlier in the week, The Boy lost a rather expensive lure (by our standard) on its first outing. I did a bit of research and learned how to recreate it for a quarter of the price.
  3. I noticed that I have now saved over $7,000 in TTC fairs by cycling, over the past six years. After all the expenses on bikes and gear and repairs and maintenance, that comes to a savings of more than $2,800.

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reader comments

Me too... me too Michael. 3rd since January, maybe 6-7 in a year?


Third since January for me, too. Awful.