five days of pain

Toronto, 2017.05.12

I've had a right-side, weather-related migraine for five days. I've burned through all of my powerful meds, have to go to court to deal with a fine (a lifetime first!) and still have a meeting this afternoon. Well, I'm nothing if not practiced at managing a migraine.

Four good things that happened today:

  1. I've survived a difficult round of navigating a substantial project for a non-profit where I sit on the board. Tough but needed doing.
  2. We've decided to start looking for a new place to live; too many shenanigans by our landlady, and there's a massive construction project going in next door.
  3. Had a really good session on helping a potential client with planning a business (yesterday).
  4. Expect to have the same today (different potential client).

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