the fun is in the doing

Toronto, 2017.05.09

Once again, I'd like to quote Kurt Russell: the fun is in the doing, not the talking. Well, he actually said, "I’d see the publicity guy come on the set and I’d go hide in the rafters. The crew would be like, ‘I haven’t seen him.’ And then they’d leave and I’d go back to work. Because that’s what’s fun, the doing, not the talking."

Now while I can imagine an entertainment "industry" interview as being particularly excruciating, I've never really enjoyed the type of talking up that goes with so many things. Sure, I'll journal my progress in my field, even do a panel. But only if there's something to say, and certainly not for the sake of seeking applause.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. Great weather
  2. The migraine triggered by such weather, the worst of the year to date, was all over by 3 PM or so.
  3. I caught up with my day's work only a little after the kids were in bed.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. Had dinner with the family
  2. There was okonomiyaki
  3. I'm involved in some really interesting venture discussions - even if they're ultimately futile they're worth having

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