fx trading and a positive attitude

Toronto, 2017.05.08

Mari says it's common wisdom in the FX trading world that one must keep a positive attitude to place productive trades. Mari also says that FX traders like to tell themselves things to that went right in the day, or things for which they should be thankful.

Sounds like we've been reading the same books!

Three good things that happened today, or are about to happen:

  1. I get to meet two interesting people for lunch (I'm making connections once again).
  2. We had some good weather at last on Sunday - it'd been so long that it seemed unfamiliar.
  3. I think the worst of my 13th cold since September is past.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. I've been doing more interesting work than ever, recently, though still without a job.
  2. Mari's learning a new trade, and tells me daily about the fun she's having.
  3. I've got one kid learning to read and write in two languages, and another learning to play the piano with two hands.

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