a month of unemployment

Toronto, 2017.05.06

It's interesting that some things have changed so much and some so little, being unemployed for a month. I'm spending more time with the kids, but it seems that every time I try to sit down with my daughter to read her a book, the phone rings. I get to take my son to school at the final months when he'll need it (he's nine, now, and our neighbourhood is fairly quiet). I'm more useful around the home, I think.

But I'm no more rested than before. I'm still heading downtown every day for meetings (even if just over a coffee). On the whole, discussing business ventures is a lot more interesting than carrying out the day-to-day of a job that's clearly on the wane. A lot more interesting, but the stress of frustration has been replaced by the stress of uncertainty, and the clock is ticking.

And of course, I still have a major commitment in the board I'm on, and I still have two kids to contend with.

On the whole, life hasn't changed that much.

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