cold number twelve

Toronto, 2017.03.25

I lost exact count around Christmas, but I've got cold ~12 since September building up. And here I wanted to go pike fishing!

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reader comments

I went on a second 10 day course of a 2-prong antibiotic that just ended yesterday. Sinuses finally producing non-yellow mucous for 1st time in months. TMI :-) I switched from Sudafed to Claritin to deal with continued runny nose. It's made a world of difference. When I breathe through my nose, the air feels cool and refreshing inside the nasal passages for the first time in eons. And to kill the gum in my throat and voice box, I made a 100% lemon juice and salt gargle. 1 dose of this and viola, voice back in working condition. So in a nutshell, a cold or virus 1-2 years ago left me with a persistent low level sinus infection. This last bout of illness, the low level became high level. Apparently have also developed allergies making all this worse. Hang in there...


Good lord! You'd mentioned your ongoing problems, I hadn't realized it was that bad – 1-2 years. 8^O

I'm so glad it's worked out. That lemon and salt thing sounds like a killer.

I had a chat with my brother yesterday, he's also got a cold. My office has been gutted by absences. What a year.