printer ink costs how much

Toronto, 2017.03.20

Ink cartridges for our home printer are so expensive that it's the only thing people have to say about the otherwise decent printer. I don't know if this is a case of a vendor putting its revenue ambitions ahead of its customers, or a case of consumers not researching their purchases, or both. But it's clearly a problem. Just to clarify: a single, short-lived cartridge of one color costs $35.

I spoke with our IT fellow at the office, and he said, "You can buy a good b&w laser printer for $150. If I won an ink-jet printer today, I would throw it away."

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. It became spring
  2. My work on an industry association initiative is being taken forward
  3. I got to edit a friend's photography book

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reader comments

I decided to live printer free for a while. Then got two printers for free, 1 then another after the first one died. Black and white ink jet only. When the current one breaks, I will probably not replace it. In a printing emergency, I can go to Fedex. Otherwise, the document goes on my phone.


I never owned own at all, prior to this. I still find it odd, having one around the house. My father tells me to try "123 Inkjets". The office admin at my office told me to look into having them refilled.

How could Canon's business model rely on people not figuring out alternatives!