my father's new watch

Toronto, 2017.03.12

I love it when people "buy into" a brand intended for a wildly different demographic - my father's new watch is a great example. The Seiko people, makers of my beloved SARB033, have a relatively new sub-brand called J. Springs. According to teh forums, their watches are aimed at the young adult market in Japan.

And yet the style (with obvious Seiko hallmarks all over the place), quality (Seiko), and price (below Seiko) appeal across all ages and geographies, it'd seem. My 78-year-old father's picked up this nice model:

J Springs BEB502

I reminded of walking into a Toyota dealership. I was about 30 at the time, and the sales fellow wanted me to see the fairly new Rav-4. "Yes, I've driven one," I told him, "my grandmother drives one." His face fell, and he took me to the pickups I was there to see. (Into which my 6'5.5" frame didn't fit, sadly.)

Another example, the Honda Element

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