now what, America

Toronto, 2017.02.13

Hard to imagine that things could get this wacky, this fast, in the US - I feel for my American friends.

How does one even keep up with this insanity. This is WEEK FOUR. Of a 1,008. Compare with the then-desperate state of affairs, as so clearly put, back in '13. Pity that no one was listening. In '17 it's hard to seeing this end any other way than the brick.

The news from the Whitehouse these days make it seem like it's going to end in an armed stand-off with one very conflicted police force.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. Some personal projects are coming along well.
  2. A project for a non-profit is going well.
  3. Had a nice chat with a neighbor on the express bus on the way to work.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. We had a quiet but good time with the kids on the weekend. Mostly quiet. Mostly good. Anyway, our home is safe and sound.
  2. Been trashed by a lengthy weather-related migraine, but the kids had some fun making snow forts.
  3. And hey; my government is not obviously run by a more-than-usually incompetent crook.

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