migraine prophylactics are as bad as the problem

Toronto, 2017.01.26

I've said it before and I'll say it again, daily prophylactics for migraine are more trouble than they're worth. I managed to bugger up two meetings this week, getting the dates wrong, and flat out missed a conference. One day off of the stuff, and I feel like I've suddenly got my mind back.

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So I read somewhere, contrary to expectation, migraine sufferers are more intelligent than the population at large. The guess is that "migraine" as a symptom is an unintended effect of increase evolutionary intelligence. I'm sure that will make you feel so much better the next time you are suffering a migraine. But on a serious note, a friend had major success with diet modification. Have you tried something like this? She cut out all sugar and wheat I think. I can ask if you want to know mor

agent vanilla

Wow. I'm finding that magnesium at night, and vitamin B in the morning help quite a bit. I've had to cut out wheat and dairy due to an intolerance, and I'm currently once again cutting out caffeine. The dairy is a source of migraine for sure. As is champagne, and garlic, and chocolate... I'm working on regular sleep, but our four-year-old's got as much to say about that as I do.

And if we're so smart, why haven't we taken over the world and demanded a fix for migraine! Damn us! Wait, we're already damned.