goodbye, 2016

Toronto, 2016.12.31

Feeling particularly thankful today - despite everything, I had a pretty good 2016.

Some reasons:

  1. We had a great trip out west to see my father and step-mum, and my brother and his wife. On the way back, I got to visit with a childhood friend.
  2. This was an amazing year for our fishing hobby: my son and I caught our first (2) salmon, our first walleye, our first crappie, and a few other interesting (and sometimes tasty!) species. More importantly, we've learned a lot about "reading the water" and the ins and outs of fishing.
  3. More on our son: he's on his way into the "gifted" program in the school system, and happily some of his closest friends are going, too. Ken's named the gang the "group of five", and they are jointly finding solace in each other's company despite leaving for another school.
  4. The Girl has matured from a toddler of uncertain temper and nightly terrors to a more confident and social creature, always talking in great detail about the goings on in her life and drawing endless accounts of her imaginings.
  5. I navigated my employer through a real mess, months of work that led us to some important realizations about our capabilities and our need to retool. And then I found the funding - in terms of grants - to start the necessary innovation.
  6. I was elected to the board of a non-profit. I've landed with my usual mix of toil and temper. We landed a substantial grant there, too, and will redouble of capacity by deploying significant new technologies and process.
  7. And most importantly, Mari and I reached our tenth anniversary this year. We're raising two kids during this endless grinding "new normal" (a.k.a recession) but have managed to stay respectful and affectionate. Woohoo!

So, go on and burn, world. 2016 was one I'll remember fondly.

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