here comes fascism!

Toronto, 2016.11.18

The Toronto District School Board has circulated an email about escalating racism and hate in the city.

"Addressing the Recent Incidents of Racism and Hate in our City

Over the past few days, a number of disturbing incidents of racism and hate have occurred across our city and in our communities. These acts of hate have no place in our city and will not be tolerated by the Toronto District School Board.

At the TDSB, we work every day to ensure that our schools are safe and caring spaces for everyone who walks through our doors. In light of these recent incidents, we have provided direction to all school administrators on what to do should they see or hear of any acts of hate in their school communities. In all cases, the Toronto Police Service must be notified immediately so that the incidents can be investigated.

The TDSB has a longstanding commitment to equity. Racism, bigotry and hate are issues that concern us all – staff, parents, students and members of the community. We share a responsibility to promote acceptance and respect, and to identify and report acts of hate. As a school system, we also have the opportunity to engage young people in a broader conversation about the importance of building a more inclusive society.

We know that hearing about these acts of hate can be discouraging and we share in your frustration. However, in times like this, it is important that we remain focused on our commitment to fairness, equity and inclusion in our schools and communities. For our part, the TDSB’s Integrated Equity Framework ensures that fairness, equity and inclusion are reflected in everything that we do. We are empowering our students, staff and parents to challenge bias, and promote and celebrate diversity.

As these recent incidents demonstrate, we cannot afford to remain silent on issues of equity. We must come together and continue working to bring about real change in our classrooms, schools and communities.


John Malloy Director of Education

Robin Pilkey Chair"

Tragic that it's come to this!

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