back on my steed

Toronto, 2016.11.17

One round trip on the TTC is one round too many for a dedicated cyclist; I don't know how people do it every day. The mysterious but frequent no-shows; the constant short-turns; the unannounced changes in routes and even closures of bus stops... I mean, how does a bus stop "close"? The shrugs from drivers about the chaos, the flippant responses from TTC's accounts on twitter, it's insanity.

Anyway, I've got my bike back. The expensive chain I bought last month was "unsalvageable". That'll learn me! The one on my bike now cost less than half what that one did. The bike shipped with a KMC X10 chain, but I'd been sold SRAM 1051 and 1091 chains at the local bike shop in the past two years. I'm definitely moving back next time.

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