my first crappie

Lower Buckhorn Lake, 2016.10.07

I caught a lovely crappie today, a good-sized and healthy-looking specimen with good "shoulders". Crappie have an odd way of fighting on the line, more a vertical twitch that the usual panfish three beats left, three beats right or the blue-gill's bass-like power-dives and short drives. I was delighted to pull the thing out of the water, as I'd wanted to catch one.

Sadly, the thing had badly inhaled the entire lure and I still hadn't replaced the rear treble-hook having only just received the lure today. I hadn't even clipped the barbs, so was my rush to get out on the water.

The size of the thing impressed the angler in the next cottage, I don't really know what to expect with crappie but this one lived up to the species' reputation for a tasty meal.

What a great way to start a fishing weekend I mean Thanksgiving weekend!

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