coyote incident

Toronto, 2016.09.27

Today a coyote came to visit us. Mari was cleaning the sofa at the front of the apartment and called to me with a tinge of panic in her voice. I was combing through lists of controls and peevishly went out to see what was going on, shuffling about in sweat clothes. She’d spotted a coyote on our street. Sure enough, it came back. I kicked on my sandals and ran down with my camera and snapped the pics below.

We were a bit concerned for the many kids getting out for lunch half an hour later. We called two of the nearby schools, and the principal at our kids' school told us that she'd been in touch with the third school.

It turns out that the coyotes – and there are a number in the neighborhood today - were snatching dogs. One dog is now "missing" and there are some other injuries for dogs that weren't taken. It looks like times have been rough for these animals.

I've seen a fox on this street, and this summer we had a boreal owl in the area. The Boy and I frequently go fishing along the waterfront and see way too many people letting their dogs roam the entire waterfront. There were nesting swans by the marina this summer, I've seen mink and rabbits, and I'm told there are deer. Someone's been feeding raccoons by the marina as well, and they've lost fear of people and dogs. If any good can come of today's incident perhaps some dog owners will get it that the wildlife is making a steady return to our area.

clever girl - sneaking around behind me

not the littlest hoboon the prowl for forgotten garbage and dogs

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