that'll teach us for going to Canadian Tire

Toronto, 2016.08.04

We've been having car trouble, but something's gone right at last. Kia's going to fix a problem with the engine (that I don't understand; apparently the old days of knowing something about your car's inner workings are looooong gone; suffice it to say that the engine light's been coming on) AND replace the bits of the rear suspension that have been driving me crazy with creaking and thumping, all on warranty. It was the Sunday before we left for the west coast that the engine light came on, and naturally the dealership was closed that day, so we took Maebh (what our then six year old named the car) to Canadian Tire. They charged us $200 for everything, concluding that there was nothing they could do about the engine "because they don't have the parts" and that the suspension was "fine". At least we got the oil changed (at last). Mari complained to Canadian Tire about the stuff they didn't deliver, and they're actually going to refund the money. Standing up to The Man: she's adapting to life in Canada.

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