lost a rod

Toronto, 2016.08.01

Heading out to do some fishing this evening, I noticed that we'd left my son's rod in Tommy Thompson park in Toronto. I raced back to find it, no luck.

We left it behind because I was speaking with another angler while packing the things by the bikes and The Boy had packed the rod where he'd been standing.

I called during the park's open hours, but there's been no word, of course. Naturally, it was all but brand new, and had some sentimental value as my son "earned" it through a year's Japanese study program. The rod was left in what's an increasingly popular fishing spot, along the new outer sandbar that encloses "Embayment D". But I doubt we'll see it again.

It's a lightweight ~6' two-piece rod. It's an indigo/blue color without any branding or details whatever. Not a word of text appears on the thing. A nice little rod. Dang!

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