first board meeting

Toronto, 2016.04.19

If you're a member of Cycle Toronto, you can rest assured that the board is organized and energetic. Not only does it have working committees that actually do something, but it uses its bylaws for guidance, has an interest in reducing its own size (to let the staff do their thing), and has specialists (e.g. lawyers, professional fundraisers, finance specialists, etc). I attended a committee meeting a couple of weeks ago, and my first board meeting tonight. I am very impressed with how things are run.

It's also a refreshing change to sit with a real group, not strictly doing everything by phone or online as with my other board.

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reader comments

I am so sick of my board. This close to pulling the plug and saying Adios!


Sorry to hear that! It's a bit like a job and a bit like sharing a hobby with paperwork and a bunch of people with whom you share litle, isn't it.