knocked off my bike by a driver

Toronto, 2016.04.07

I was knocked off my bike on the way home today by a driver who then fled the scene. Amazingly, it happened when I was stopped in traffic. Naturally,this was on Adelaide, the natural enemy of the cyclist. Before the fellow fled, he had to get out of his vehicle to take my bike out from under it, and we had words. I demanded, "You were using your phone, weren't you!" and he told me that yes, he had been.

He was behaving so aggressively that I just felt that he was going to make a run for it. So I got a pic of his plates.

When I called the cops they told me to sit tight (which took an hour) and upon hearing my story they told me they'd charge him with Failure To Remain.

I'll have to get my bike looked at, and my back and knee are already twinging.

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