skunked but loving it

Port Dalhousie, 2016.03.27

Had another wonderful day of fishing to no avail, tonight. We were by no means the only ones not catching anything. We decided, when the kids started getting hungry at noon, that with everyone else having thrown in the towel the bite just wasn't on, and to go home to Grandma's and have a fine meal.

For my birthday, earlier in the month, I'd received a gift certificate for "Bass Pro", the outdoors chain that seems to be having a rocky time in Ontario. I used that to buy an 4'8" ultralight rod that our nearly-four-year-old daughter could use. I put an ice fishing reel on it, and handed it over with a minnow on a jig. She grinned a pleased grin, but I'd be surprise if she reached the two minute mark before handing it back to go chase geese. So now I'll be carrying two rods around. (e_e)

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