Cycle Toronto's newest board member

Toronto, 2016.03.22

To my surprise, I won the election to the board of Cycle Toronto. We were given one minute to speak at the AGM; I spoke about my motivation for joining the organization (Mari was clipped by a car with then three-year-old Ken in the back), I spoke of my respect for the organization that I'd joined, and how engaged I'd become: joining letter writing campaigns; posting to twitter; attending regular advocacy meetings; handing out leaflets; fixing kids' bikes; gathering signatures on the street; canvassing door to door. Then I pointed to the job description that went with the call for board candidates, and rattled off my experience with each. I finished by concluding, "I've been in the accidents, I've fallen on the tracks. I've been involved if Cycle Toronto wants my involvement, I'll be on the board for the next three years."

Which worked, it seemed. I hadn't really planned what I'd say.

It's my second board, but certainly a larger organization than my beloved SIRA. I'm joining my first committee on Tuesday, and it sounds like we've got our work cut out for us. I can't wait.

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