three hours in the sun

Toronto, 2016.03.20

Ken and I got three hours in the sun, today, fishing around Ashbridges Bay. I was hoping that we might encounter some rock bass or pike. That didn't happen, but one of The Boy's friends came along, and his dad joined us. It was a fine time in a sheltered location, soaking in some sunshine and watching the "Buffleheads" (arctic birds here for the winter) do some final fishing before pushing off. The birds are really striking, with two-tone patterns and sexual differences such as long tail feathers on the (I'm going with "boys") and white heads on the others. It was so nice that half the afternoon slipped by in a twinkling.

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reader comments

Seems like son and dad are getting ready for a great year of fishing. Is Emma getting some attention as well? Or is she interested in other things? Dad


She certainly is. She was feeling blue, and refusing to get dressed or even use the toilet. It took me ninety minutes or more, but I brought her around, using her own suggestion to have a nice long bath and by the end she was on course to have a great day. I read to both kids, and make time for them and Emma will join us on a fishing jaunt in Port Dalhousie over the Easter weekend. But as a rule, Emma's mommy's girl.

Also, it's nice to have some time with Ken before he disappears into a life with his friends.


so good to hear.


Yeah, it was a blast.