scouting fishing locations

Toronto, 2016.03.18

I spent half an hour or so on the way home, toodling about the waterfront scouting fishing locations. I've discovered that the enforcement of entry to Tommy Thompson Park is pretty lax; there's a path that leads into the park at an angle to the main entrance, bypassing the main gate altogether. Not that the main gate is much of an impediment, you can cycle right in under the sign adjacent to the gate.

Anyway, I found some interesting sites. The more I learn, the more I'm able to identify potential locations. For instance, "inside turns".

When I got home I found that Ken had left with friends to see a movie, so I went fishing without him. I caught nothing but a mild cause of frostbitten fingers. Plus I lost my first lure in some years.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. Despite the pressures on her time, my wife lets me wander off for an hour of fishing here and there, saddling her with the kids
  2. I'm learning a whole new way of seeing the city, as I come to really understand its waterfront
  3. Today was cold, but clear and you could always shelter from the wind

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