I got the city to change something

Toronto, 2015.11.21

I managed to get the city to undo something that was inconveniencing cyclists. I re-convenienced myself and my fellow cyclists.

The other night I came to part of my normal cycle route to find it blocked due to some construction. The odd thing that the part of my route that was blocked was about a kilometer from where the construction was actually happening.

I wondered if there was some non-obvious reason that that route – the multi-use trail on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd – was closed at Coxwell for the work going on at Leslie Barns? Would it be possible that I could write to someone about having access restored to the tunnel so we that commuters can switch to the north side of Lake Shore without waiting several minutes at the light at Coxwell?

I wrote my councillor. Someone in her office passed on my email to the TTC. They promised to fix it by the end of the next day. That would have been last night. Instead, I found that they'd fixed it yesterday morning!

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