graffiti mystery uncovered

Toronto, 2015.11.19

I discovered hidden graffiti with the gain on my digital camera, today. I was waiting in line at a fast food place downtown where I'd eaten many times in the past. The line was moving slow (because of all the orders placed online), and my attention fell on the rough brick wall beside me. I noticed for the first time that it had that look like another wall had been removed. Then I noticed some dark splotches in shapes like the remains of some spray paint.

So I pulled out my Olympus and fiddled with the exposure. Sure enough, it was graffiti. Two clear letters, both F's. Hmm. Panning left, I found an O. Then there was a photo mounted on the wall, and the rough bottom of a loop and then another F. I had to chuckle. How many others had - and would yet - stand there unknowingly being told to FUCK OFF.

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