thank you very much, Ontario driver BKDV 035

Toronto, 2015.10.22

Today's run-in was with a Volkswagen, Ontario license plate BKDV 035. South-bound on Kippendavie in the Beaches, the driver pulled right out in front of me, causing me to brake. He then drifted right, and seemed headed for a new parking position on the other side of the (one way) street. I passed by, and started to head back to the right side of the street.

At which point, incredibly, he accelerated and then squeezed in between me and the parked cars on the right. I hastily made way as he pushed through, amazed at his disregard for his surrounds. The driver refused to make eye contact, but I could see that he wasn't distracted by a phone or tablet or what have you. There was no way he'd missed my hulking 6'5", 100km frame on a bright green bike and wearing a reflective neon vest. Just didn't want to see me, and really didn't want to be overtaken by a bike despite his erratic driving. The woman in the car also avoided looking at me.

I guess denial is a powerful enabler, but that's nothing new.

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