collided with a taxi on King street today

Toronto, 2015.10.19

I was struck by a taxi on King street today. The taxi (license #246, if memory serves), overtook me and another cyclist westbound approaching Church. Then the driver veered toward the curb, trapping the cyclist and causing us both to stop. As the other cyclist dismounted to extricate herself, I rode around the taxi assuming he was dropping off a fair.

At that point, the fellow suddenly accelerated, spinning his wheels about and veering left right into me. Falling onto his car, I angrily demanded to know what he was doing, first with the other cyclist then me. I finished by angrily suggesting that he take his goddamn earphone out and pay attention to the road.

This after having to swerve around a car double-parked on the north-bound lane of Lower River - the driver had abandoned his car (and pinned at least two parked cars) to go into the Tim Hortons at the intersection on King.

Toronto is really quite a cyclists' paradise.

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