The Boy catches his first large fish

Victoria Harbor, 2015.10.11

Ken caught a 56cm pike today, and didn't stop there. He caught a string of five bass in a row, as well as two perch, a handful of pumpkinseeds, and then had two more pike on the line that he didn't manage to land. All that with only two sets of tackle: jig any worm for the small stuff; and a Mepps #3 comet (replaced by a #2 aglia after we couldn't get the first lure out of the big pike).

As for me, I had had a ~60cm pike the night before, and had two smaller pike slip off the line during the crazy period when The Boy was landing all of his fish. Plus I had a couple of tangles, and managed to snap a line, losing a lure. Things turned around when I snagged the line still on that lost lure, leading me back to that prize. Plus I got to be net man for the fishing machine in the back of the canoe, and got to do some photography. It was a great day.

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