a slow start to Toronto fishing

Toronto, 2015.09.07

I have gone on eight separate fishing trips around the city, and not caught a thing. And I'm not alone; I've spoken with a number of other anglers who have complained not only about the past couple of months but the entire year.

My son's bucked the trend, of course – he caught something. But it was just a round goby. One acquaintance I've made this week, out on the water, gave up and ran down to Dunville where the Grand River approaches Lake Erie, and caught seven fish in four hours.

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reader comments

Tell him I read all his columns about the 1812 war. And kept them for you.


I'll shoot you his email address.


So, I was sending an e-mail to my mum and trying to remember the spelling of the name of the nice couple who lived next to us in Jordan Station. Then I found this site and can't stop reading the bloody thing. This is impressive and entertaining. A wonderful trip through your life.

Jim Hill

Yimmy! Now, there's a strange coincidence, I was thinking of you just a couple of weeks ago for some reason. Probably read some military history fragment*. My dad's visiting right now; I'll mention that you found my website.

*Speaking of which, have you read "The Fourth Turning"? It's not military-themed but rather attempts to explain why Anglo-American history has been on a theoretically repeating cycle for the past millennium, featuring a cycle of war.