a busy Saturday in June

Toronto, 2015.06.06

This morning I: a. Ironed all my shirts for the week ahead while Emma played around my feet. b. Prepared the bike trailer for Emma's use for the first time, and mounted it on my bike for the first time. c. Attended a surprisingly long "Bells on Danforth" with the rest of my Cycle Toronto group. We got up to Castle Frank, and from there rode all the way to Danforth Road. The combination of trailer and bike is *vastly* better than the trailer was on my previous bike. So, a silver lining to having lost that bike in the first place. d. I then raced home and dropped off Emma with Mari, and the trailer in the back yard.

That was just after noon. Then I: e. Zipped across to Broadview and Queen to meet Jon in looking at some bike. I sat with Coko and asked questions. f. Led Jon to a fair at a school on Dundas where some friends have their kids. g. Got home, did the dishes, sorted out a few things, and had a nap with Emma. h. I sat down and did some research on my next studies. I might do a designation with RIMS, and study economics. i. Then we took the family over to see some friends (this was the first weekend we've found time in three weeks, I think) and talked 'til our return cycle trip was in the dark. j. While at their place, I took possession of my work laptop, delivered to our door by the good folks at ASK Computers downtown. The laptop was badly sick (and apparently beyond the ability of our IT team at work) but I started rebuilding it. k. At midnight I declared it time to stop. Or rather, drop.

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