canvassing on Danforth

Toronto, 2015.05.24

Today I spent 90 minutes canvassing on Danforth about the cycle lane that we want to build. By "we" I mean Cycle Toronto. Personally, I wonder if I'll live to see this particular idea come to fruition, but I think it's worth discussing.

The canvassing jaunt was an education: about 1/3 of the people we spoke to were enthusiastic about the idea - some 4-5 shops took one of our campaign stickers for the window. That includes a tattoo shop where the person we spoke to said that while they don't get a lot of cyclist traffic (she said it was mostly motorcyclists) she would be interested in seeing the safety of cyclists improved and those cyclists who flaunt the laws out of the car traffic.

Another 1/2 were interested but non-committal.

And about 1/6th were clearly against the idea, including a lady who said that when she drives downtown she sees empty cycle lanes.

When we were canvassing for the now complete Dixon contra-flow cycle lane, the response was a good deal more positive. But; it's early days.

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