wandering the hills of san francisco

San Francisco, 2015.04.20

After today's session, I went for a walk through Chinatown with my hot pink Minolta XD-11 and some black and white film. Then I changed course and went to Japantown for dinner. All in, it was a bit of a trek. It's a gorgeous city, with blended architectural styles, active street scenes, and plenty of photo-worthy bits and pieces.

I have to say, I admire the guts of the SF cyclists. I've never seen so many drivers and pedestrians ignore the law. Jay-walking, running reds, turning against the light, turning where it's clearly forbidden by signage. I mean, it's constant. You'll see half a dozen cars run a red at any time.

Of course, the cyclists are running lights and sailing through pedestrians as well, so it's lose-lose. Hmmph.

me, walking in SF

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