hiring is tough work

Toronto, 2015.04.09

I'm currently hiring for two disparate roles, and it's tough sledding. First, about 90 people have applied. And in strict opposition to current "practice", I'm treating these applicants like humans, responding to their applications and telling them to contact me with questions.

Strangely, the ones to send questions are the foreigners. We're not looking to hire from overseas but the Canadian applicants have been mostly mum.

So on I go, reading resumes and looking for signs of a fit for the roles. I'm doing the initial screening calls and trying to think tactically about the hires. It absorbs a lot of time.

Moreover, it's clear that we titled one of the job postings poorly, because I'm getting a lot of people looking for a position with a different interpretation of that title. And of that group, it's astonishing to see how many MBA's are applying for a role that's got "analyst" in the title. It's not the sort of gig that's going to pay down a $100,000 tuition in a hurry!

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