ice fishing at -34°C

Toronto, 2015.02.16

As we approached the ice-fishing site, the temperature on the dashboard read -34°C – we went out on the ice anyway. And all of us survived. In fact, it was a lovely day, with the temperatures "soaring" to -13°C by mid-afternoon, and the propane stove doing its job inside the shack just fine. (Except when I accidentally shut it off, and we had no way of re-lighting it. Heh, heh, ehhh. Next time, I'm bringing some matches.) That very cold reading – probably the coldest I've seen in this province by 10° or more – was likely due to a local low in the topography.

We went out with our friends Robert and Elliot, another father-son duo (the boy also being both Canadian and Japanese). Robert's an old hand at all manner of fishing, and showed us the ropes.

The perch we caught were delicious.