this website is a decade old, I'll probably end it

Toronto, 2015.02.15

Good ol' emuu dot net, my second website, is now ten years and four months old – and I think I might retire it. Google has once again cut my "pagerank" from its once not-so-loft 3 to a zero, and I'm no longer getting traffic. And I think it's time to strip it down to maybe a "best of" site with just 10% of the pages available. After all, only a fraction of the site seems to be helping anyone (the "how to pages") or entertaining them (e.g. the bird shit record) and the rest is perennially ignored. So I can hardly claim that it's doing anyone any good.

My original site was; I still have the domain, and in fact still use it for trying new technologies and demo'ing things. But was supposed to be a personal website and I have to face the fact that even in 2004 it was probably of a dying breed. I wrote here that I do this rather than Facebook but honestly the thought of screwing around with Google to have "their trust in my website" restored for the umpteenth is frankly tiring.

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