like tobogganing on glass

Toronto, 2015.02.08

Last weekend we took the kids tobogganing on a hill where someone would a few days later leave a lot of broken glass. What the hell is the matter with people?

At least one can use a toboggan in this city on a Sunday, as we did. For nearly fifty years, it was illegal in Toronto! During the civic election last year I suggested to one of the campaign team for mayoral candidates that the laws regarding "truck lunches" in this city made the place look like "an uptight backwater". The person on the campaign team's twitter account agreed, unsurprisingly.

But still, better that than a place where people distribute 25cm shards of glass on a toboggan run!

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reader comments

Does this mean we can be Facebook friends now? I do keep up on your daily goings on here. Mostly via RSS feed :-)


Friend away. I have an account on Facebook, I seem to drop in every 18 months or so.

I'll keep the journal going, but I've already trimmed away 80% of the website. 8)


I looked at the pic of the dad in question (in your link and asked Laurie if it reminded her of anyone> Her first reply was "Is that Michael?" then, "No actually it reminds me more of Ken" which is exactly the process I went through


You know, I didn't even notice that at the time.