The Boy's big day downtown

Toronto, 2014.12.31

At breakfast this morning, I told The Boy that he could join me at work today - a planned half day. Not yet seven years old, he looked a bit overwhelmed at the idea, but forty-five minutes later, we walked into my office together. He'd told me about his dream to meet with me downtown some day, have lunch, and go home, so I reckoned this was as close as we could get to that just now.

I got him to work on the Christmas tree, which occupied him for three hours. Never has a Christmas tree been so methodolically stripped of ornaments and lights: each ornament wrapped in paper and put into the original packaging. I told him to have a break with me at 10:30, and we knocked off at 13:00. Along the way, he spent some time working on a story he's been writing.

One of my colleagues was handing out coupons for free poutine, so that was his reward. Then we zig-zagged across the city center to the camera store where I get film developed, and I looked at some cameras. (Sweet, unaffordable cameras.) He asked me to buy him a kit-kat chocolate bar, but I got him on the street car and back out to The Beaches instead for some shopping at the drug store, and then the grocery store. I slipped him his kit-kat on the walk back to our place.

Later in the evening, we went for a kid-friendly New Years Eve with some friends.

As I put him to bed that night, The Boy told me that it was the best day ever.

(Hmm, maybe some day he'll find this post and reconcile it with his memory of events. Ha. Hi there, future K.A.W.)

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