now I own a car

Toronto, 2014.11.15

At 43, I now own a car for the first time in my life; nay, it's an SUV, and we can thank parenthood.

This is the vehicle. We'll take possession on Saturday unless something goes wrong.

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reader comments

Whooooooaaaaaaahhh... I didn't think you were going to get a car any time soon! You even got a new bike just a bit ago. All sorts of good transportation things happening in House Beanbag :-)

Agent Vanilla

Yes, I know. I'll have to hand in my membership of "Cycle Toronto", and I'll no longer be welcome with the Green Party crowd. It's been a long time coming. Mari's been getting around with two kids and a stroller and transit for four years, but the winters are getting worse (we already have snow on the ground; ten-to-twenty-five years ago it never happened until shortly before X'mas) and now Ken's starting to get into "programs" that take him into an ever-wider sphere. She's been losing a lot of time with transit delays, and has grown more confident in her driving (e.g. on the right) as we've been renting.

We chose it because it has adequate room for not only kids plus groceries but for the six+ trips to the cottage or grandma's house - no more renting minivans for $600++. With all costs in (except consumables like snow tires and air filters), we expect that this will cost us about $2,000 a year more than the combination of TTC, taxis, and rentals we've been living with. We looked at an Elantra wagon (no longer on the market) but it came to the same cost. Mari preferred the upright driving stance, they threw in a reversing camera. As for me, I don't really fit into much that's smaller. So "CUV" it was.

This car purchase brought to us by the absurd run on the stock markets!