Michael Werneburg, MSc

Toronto, 2014.10.27

I got a 79% on my dissertation, which I'm told is pretty good for the UK. Three years ago I started with a marketing class, then the project mgmt certification, then the internal audit designation, which covered accounting, "managerial accounting", economics, finance, etc. The dissertation was a synthesis of strategy, execution, and risk. I'm done - for now.

Some added bonuses today - the R&D grant we applied for at work was finally approved, and I got to see the lift bridge on Cherry street in action. A good day.

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reader comments

Congrats Michael! This is great news :-) And you got a new new mayor today. Things are going your way!

Agent Vanilla

Yeah, what can I say, it's been a fine week. Had a bit of a chat with the boss about taking on some new duties, too.