four weeks without a bike

Toronto, 2014.10.22

Four weeks ago, a movie production company's truck destroyed my bike; it's been quite an adjustment. The first problem is that it takes a while to source a bike in my frame size. I'm 6'5" and I need a bike in the 62/63cm size. No one stocks them. So it's taken weeks to have one shipped to the city.

So it's been disruptive. I get to work on my bike, and switching to the TTC has meant I've been unable to control my arrival time. I was even twenty minutes late for a meeting with my auditors this week. I also frequently ride on the weekend with my family, and we've had to shelve our plans on those sunny weekends - Daddy can't go!

Then there are the costs. The costs of all of this TTC ridership have come to about $150 dollars. Losing the exercise means I've gained weight, and my back is beginning to hurt again.

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