So this is Minneapolis

Minneapolis, 2014.10.08

I’m in Minneapolis for a conference and I have to say I like it here. The conference is being held at the offices of a financial institution in the city center, which is small but at 06:30 already bustling. There is a superb LRT system that connects the airport to the city center, and connects Minneapolis with its other half, St. Paul. After struggling to get by with Toronto’s run-down and overloaded street cars and subways, it’s been a delight to have modern and well-appointed transit vehicles. The city is around 350,000 people, and there are certainly signs of poverty but it looks like a decent place to make a home. In fact Minneapolis reminds me of Calgary a fair bit, where I spent the 80’s.

My first stop was the “Mall of America”, where I went to the Lego store to load up for Ken. Lego is absurdly overpriced in Canada, and I saved quite a bit even with the exchange rate. In honor of the business trip my father took to Buffalo in 1978 or so, in which my father brought home a firehall model (my first Lego), I’ve chosen a Lego model fire-fighting for the boy.

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