my odyssey on the TTC

Toronto, 2014.09.19

Today I had a truly bizarre trip to work, courtesy of the Toronto Transit Commission. In short, an "express bus" took an hour to get downtown. I usually ride it in about 35 minutes. I won't describe it in detail, I'll just let the map speak.

One of my (likely unhealthy?) habits when stuck in these situations is to dream up new meanings for "TTC". In the past I've come up with "take the car", which turns out to be pretty common. Today's was "transit that collapsed".

I was so fed up that when I met someone later in the evening, I took my bike even though it was fairly distant at Yonge & Eglinton, and it couldn't have been more than about 12°. Happily, I had both new front brakes and new riding gloves for the ride, courtesy of the tendency for both to need replacing on an annual basis.

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