DaftBlogger once more

Toronto, 2014.09.05

Once again, I've written a post about the thrilling world of service audits; incredibly, I keep being invited back. This post is titled, "Service audits are risky business.

My contact with DaftBlogger told me:

We are happy and honored to have you on board because of the quality of the content you provide. One of our core brand principles... is to discourage inappropriate traffic and focus on serving high end professionals alone. Fortunately, we already have a very relevant core audience and my mission... is to encourage content that meets their expectations in terms of quality.

Therefore numbers don't really matter and constitute no criteria whatsoever on deciding whether a piece is a success or not. Your pieces so far have been excellent (based on the direct feedback I have received) and you are welcome to contribute at any time of your convenience.

Must. Meet. Bar.

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