stupidity again today

Toronto, 2014.08.28

Today a restauranteur distinguished himself when I tried to pay with a credit card at his cash-only spot; he let me go. The place was Pho Hung, and I have eaten there on several occasions; today was the first time I blundered in without sufficient means to pay. After the fellow let me escape with a simple smile and a wave of his hand, I bolted to the office, cleaned out the $15 in my wallet, and bolted back, all within about fifteen minutes. Hooray for someone who knows how to run a restaurant. I'm certainly encouraged to return.

Unlike, for instance, the fellow at Thai Princess on King, where I've eaten about fifty times but the guy went berserk when I left my credit card at the office (across the street). Ass! I've since found better Thai elsewhere, how does that suit you?

P.S. Thank you bike, that must have been a confusing noon hour but you performed perfectly.

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