my dissertation is submitted

Toronto, 2014.08.13

I've submitted my dissertation; three years of work has come to this final piece in my master's degree. I hope the faculty think it's worth their time.

And now, the acknowledgements (quoting the document):

With sincere thanks to my wife Mari, without whose support this project would have been impossible. I promise that I will now reintroduce myself to our children.

I must acknowledge the crucial insights afforded by the risk practitioners who responded to the survey. Sam Webster, the President and CEO of PortfolioAid kindly provided permission to recount the firm’s story in the case study, and to survey the management team.

I would also like to thank the professionals who contributed ideas and encouragement along the way, including Matthew Leitch, Andris Pone, Joanne Taylor, and Dr. Kamil Zaniewski. Elaine Polgar, who participated greatly in the initiative to improve operations at PortfolioAid, also lent her advice in shaping the surveys in this study.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the advice and leadership provided by Ann Brook and Dr. Andrew Hollyhead of Birmingham City University’s Centre of Internal Audit, Governance and Risk Management. I have learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed this work under their guidance.

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